Your A-Z roadmap for hiring, expanding, and leading your lash business dream team.

7 - Figure Foundation

Let me guess...

You’ve built a strong lash business, and now 
you’re ready for dream team members to join you on the journey. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

You've been rocking it out solo and you know that bringing on employees is the direction you want to go in to grow.

You need expert guidance for creating systems that set your current or future employees up for success

You have a team and want to strengthen your business from the inside out to ensure your business model is sustainable for the long-run (for your money, time, and sanity!) 

You have a big, bold vision for your business and want to set up your team the right way for everyone’s success

If so, then buckle up beautiful, you’re gonna wanna keep reading!


What if you could confidently build an aligned, motivated team of lash professionals that allows you to work less and live more?

I’m Tiffani Mitchell, your go-to beauty business strategist. 

How do I know? Because I’ve done it. I always knew that I wanted to run my own business. After graduating from aesthetics school, I left my job with a makeup brand, learned how to do lashes, and started taking clients out of my apartment. Pretty quickly, my business began to take off; I rented a space and eventually owned my own studio. I was excited, proud…and physically and mentally exhausted. I was drowning in client work, doing everything myself, and spending every waking moment on my business—I’d started this thing to find more freedom, yet I suddenly had less than ever! 

I’ve been in your shoes, and I’m here to tell you it is 100% possible to hire and lead the team of your dreams and set yourself up for long term success.

Hey There!

And now? I’m handing over the exact step-by-step roadmap I used to get there, so you can do it efficiently.

Over the next eight years, I felt the growing pains as I hired 40+ employees, expanded into larger spaces, and opened multiple locations. The results? More joy. More revenue (7 figures to be exact!). More time to spend with my family without stressing about my business. I found the freedom I set out to achieve and empowered other women in the process.

I knew something had to change. I needed help.


Get the support, accountability, and proven strategies you need to confidently expand your team and crush your goals in this 10 week combo course/coaching program created specifically for visionary
lash leaders. 

Through pre-recorded educational trainings, my personal resources, and live group-focused weekly Q&A calls to break down each module and answer any specific questions you may have, I’ll take the guesswork out by covering the key areas you need to master in order to expand; from hiring strong teams to setting up all the systems you need to motivate your employees, and more.

7 - Figure Foundation

Your A-Z roadmap for hiring, expanding, and leading your lash business dream team.

When you enroll in 7-Figure Foundation, you’ll get:

7 Core module video trainings covering the key pillars to grow your business + 3 key implementation weeks

Access to an Slack group with your cohort for on-going connection and additional support

Access to a robust library of downloadable templates and all of my personal business  resources to help you apply what you’re learning

10 live group-focused weekly Q&A calls to break down each module and answer any specific questions you may have, special guests & more

Say no more, I'm In!


If your ‘growth plan’ up until this point sounds something like “Fake it til you make it” (while crying into your rosé at 2am), then this program is for you!

The proof is in the screenshots:

As they say...

Wow, sounds great! But what’s included?

Let’s break down what you’ll learn week by week:

Peek inside the curriculum.

Branding & Client Experience

Two of the most important aspects of a strong business foundation; branding and client experience. I will teach you the crucial, deeper elements that you need to focus on when branding your business (we aren’t talking color palettes here), and I will show you how you can use your branding as a blueprint for growth. Next, I’ll teach you how to define your beauty brand and effectively apply it across platforms to create unshakable brand loyalty. You will learn how to effortlessly attract your ideal clients and give them a client experience they can’t wait to tell their friends about! We’ll dive deep into fine-tuning superior customer service standards, creating a business with boundaries, and so much more. 



Creating brand loyalty through client experience

How to practically apply your branding to all aspects of your business to ensure maximum growth

The importance of a mission and vision statement and why they set the standard for your future business growth

Salon CRM, Processes & Procedures 

Learn the essential tools and strategies to efficiently manage customer relationships, streamline operations, and establish effective salon policies. Gain valuable insights into customer retention, appointment scheduling, inventory management, and more. Here we will deep dive into the importance of streamlining your client management systems, to set your business up for ultimate growth and longterm success.


Preparing to Scale

Learn how to strategically plan for scaling your salon through effective pricing, optimal timing, versatile education options (online or in person), leveraging retail opportunities, and revitalizing services. Gain the knowledge and skills to propel your salon to new heights of success. Preparing for growth is the first step to ensure you have a strong foundation to build on.


Cultivating a Covetable Work Environment

Now that you know how to set up and manage your systems, let’s talk about hiring and retaining great employees (hint: your ability to lower turnover is key to growing your business!). By the end of this module, you’ll have a firm understanding of what goes into creating a work environment that keeps people happy and eager to stick around long term!



Hiring and firing: What makes a good employee, how to know when to let someone go, etc.

What employees truly crave in a workplace and their leadership, particularly in commission-based environments

Practical tips for cultivating a strong culture people couldn’t imagine leaving!

Implementation week: Scaling plans, Employee handbooks

This implementation week is where we will deep dive into creating your own employee handbooks and coming up with your actionable plans for scaling.


Structuring and Motivating Your Employees for Ultimate Revenue Growth

Next, we’ll work through the nitty gritty of how to structure your and your employees’ pay, effective ways to motivate employees to perform their best, how to clearly define roles, and more.



How to implement a tiered leveling structure for your service providers 

How to pay your employees for ultimate revenue growth

Creating job titles, special roles, and responsibilities tailored to key employees

Implementation week: Forecasting & Monthly Number reporting

This implementation week is where we will deep dive into getting your own business’s forecasting and monthly number reporting spreadsheets prepared and accurate, while gaining a deeper understanding on how to read them and how they work. 


Solid Business Systems

Implementing systems and learning to delegate is the key to stepping away from client work and stepping into your CEO role. This module dives deep into the fundamentals of defining, setting up, and managing the various key systems that will allow you to streamline and expand your business—so you can work smarter, not harder!



Which systems are the most important to put into place to take your business to the next level

My biggest secret to keeping the backend of my business organized

Downloadable templates with guided walk-throughs of how to implement my systems in your own business

Learning the importance of SOPS and how they work to get you YOUR time back as a business owner in regards to delegation

Implementation week: Setting Up Asana

This implementation week will be focused on setting up all of your back end systems on asana for max efficiency and streamlined communication and organization. This is one of the biggest game-changing systems my program offers.


becoming a true ceo 

Learn how to step away from working IN your business so that you can work on your business.

I will walk you through how to dissect and understand your P&Ls; learn to decipher your Income, COGs, and expenses, save for taxes, and prioritize paying yourself. No broke salon owners over here! This is the first step to understanding WHEN and how to step away. 

I give you the steps you need to take and the markers you need to look for to know when it's okay to back away from the chair and into your role as CEO.  


Wait there's more!

7-Figure Foundation Bonuses:

The Lash Journey Pricing Method - an easy video walkthrough teaching how to price your services for profit

Paycheck Calculator - an e-guide to determine how much of your revenue is take-home pay

Yearly/Monthly Forecasting and Goal Setting Spreadsheet - set clear, actionable, achievable goals for each business season

Monthly Reporting Spreadsheet - get clear on what you spend and why (profits and losses)

My "go-to" business contacts cheat sheet list

PDF workbook to accompany modules

HR Package

Take it from past students:

Yep, this stuff really works

Beyond the practical stuff...

By the end of this program, you will…

Here’s how you’ll grow and change throughout the experience:

Stop running yourself (and your business) into the ground

and start operating from a place of peace, clarity, and structure

Implement effective systems and processes

that allow you to finally take that much needed vacation!

Have a rock solid understanding of your mission, your vision, and your brand

and know how to use all three to propel your business forward


The Investment



5 payments of

Yes Please!


most value

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10 payments of

Monthly Payment

extended plan



I'm Here For This

Pick the plan that works for you and get started today with instant access:

(Go ahead, reheat your coffee. This is gonna be good.)

"This course not only helped me restructure the way I was running my team and business, but it helped me think more of a boss. I don't think I really acted and processed things as a salon owner back then prior to enrolling. This mentorship class was definitely a game changer in my mindset and the way I worked."

ceo of lashere

Chrissy Phung

Fit check!

This course was made for you if:

You’re an established business owner in the beauty industry who wants to fully maximize the potential of your growing salon; ultimately allowing you to step back, all while gaining more freedom

You have a big, bold vision for your business and you want to do things the right way to reach the next level, but you just need a roadmap to guide you!

You’re open to change and ready to put in the good, hard work it takes to establish a strong foundation for hiring a team

You’re eager to learn from a seasoned educator and connect with like-minded business women through the live Q&A sessions and on-going support through groupchats

This is me!

bottom line

I know going all in and investing in yourself as a leader can feel intimidating. I also know you already have everything it takes within you to build the team of your dreams—you just need a solid roadmap to help you get there. This program is all that and more. Afterward, you will be equipped to implement the knowledge you gain to hire and inspire your team.

Enroll me right now!

It’s time to finally gain the clarity, vision, and confidence you need to set your business up for long term success.

(^the unshakable, unstoppable, powerhouse-of-a-CEO kind!)

I can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Still got a Q or two?

Get the info you need to enroll with confidence:

This course is designed to be taken over the course of 10 weeks. You’ll get all the info you need about when your Live Q&A sessions are when you enroll!

Forever and a day! You’ll have lifetime access to the course, so once you enroll, you can keep referring back to it as your business grows and changes. Plus, you’ll receive all future updates I make to the course free of charge.

The content of this program will be dripped out weekly and is made up of a combination of pre-recording videos, downloadable PDF freebies, and 1 hour weekly group Q&A sessions to help you effectively apply what you’re learning (and ask me allll the questions). If you can't make it (don't worry, I know how busy boss-life is!), the live sessions will be recorded for you to refer back to at your convenience. 

If you’ve consumed all the content and participated fully in all aspects of the program, and you’re still not seeing results, please contact our team and we’ll be happy to discuss a full refund!

"As an impulse buyer, I knew I wanted this, but honestly had to beg my accountant to find the funds in my budget. Looking back I’m so happy I did because I didn’t know how unorganized my business was. I’m still working on ironing out everything I was taught, but have already noticed more motivation in my employees. They honestly seem relieved I finally have myself and the business more together. They are “bought” into the vision I’ve created, and we’re working on getting overall sales up. It’s me thing to start having employees, but understanding systems you need in place is an entirely new level! Thank you Tiffani! 

Founder of unstripped brow + Beauty Bar

Bryce Sechler

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