Every great business has a story. Mine?

But first, let’s rewind a decade or so:

I’ve always had an intense passion for all things beauty. I started my career as a makeup artist working through NARS Cosmetics and independently as a wedding and celebrity makeup artist. Although my career was blossoming, I dreamed of creating a business for myself. To me, true success meant being able to shape my own life, dictate my time, and create a legacy for my future children. In 2014, I left my full-time job and started my own studio.

I went from solo lash artist working out of my tiny apartment,  to thriving CEO of a 7-figure beauty business.  (and I’m here to help you do the same!)

My business began to take off quickly, which was equal parts thrilling and overwhelming.

How do I handle client demand while creating boundaries for myself? What if I get sick or need to take time off? Where do I even start when thinking about hiring an employee?

Still, I knew I needed to capitalize on this growth while I had the chance, so in true Tiffani fashion, I rolled up my sleeves and dove in head first. Over the last 8 years, I’ve developed the systems, strategies, and tools I needed to build a sustainable 7-figure business that has allowed me to shape the exact life and legacy I envisioned when I started.

I am hands-down most passionate about the business strategy.

While I love my trade serving clients in-person, nothing is more fulfilling than creative problem solving and strategizing for growth in business. Over the years, other female business owners in the industry would reach out for advice, and I discovered my passion for helping them make smarter moves and shape their business to match their dreams. Today, I’ve turned my expertise in this industry into educational courses, resources, and services to help as many women as possible build profitable businesses they love as much as I do mine!

guess what else I learned?

Summits and Speaking engagements


I follow way too many interior design pages and am always adding just one more task to my husband’s “Honey-do” list.

Fast (and fun) facts about me:

Things you should probably know…


I went through pregnancy and raised my first daughter on my own while running my businesses, which 100% shaped me into the woman and mama I am today.


Although I started as a lash artist, I'm also a highly skilled tattoo/permanent makeup artist by trade and could spend hours studying the art and science of it for fun.


I’m a big believer in the universal law of attraction! I’m all about marrying mindset and intention with actionable strategies for change.


I never show up to work without...

the brand values


creative problem solving

hard work


"Tiffani exceeds all expectations. When I was getting into opening a studio, I truly had no idea what to expect or what I would encounter. Tiffani gave me so much information that put my leaps and bounds ahead of others just starting out. I had all the correct paperwork and policies to implement a strategy instead of just winging it (which is my normal approach). Owning a large scale lash company now, I work very intensively in our beauty community and am meeting business owners daily. I recommend every beauty business owner directly to Tiffani as I know she will exceed my high expectations for any referrals and they will be taken care of the CORRECT way. Thank you Tiffani for putting me and my team ahead in countless ways. I will forever recommend you to anyone looking for mentorship.”

CEO of My Brand Lashes


Gretchen McCants

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Tiffani Mitchell is a US-based beauty business strategist empowering lash business owners worldwide through her signature educational programs, mentorship services, resources, and more.